Our Stud Dogs


BRN 20967

Click is our foundation male, he is a retired police K9 & obtained his PSA PDC.  He is known for being extremely clear-headed with an intense nature. He is a very civil dog who craves pressure. We are not currently accepting outside breedings to Click.


BRN 21892 PH1 434

Buck is a complete male with a very proven pedigree. We look forward in using this carefully selected male for our outcrosses!



BRN 26390 PH1 398

Harry is a large, accomplished male who we are lucky to be able to add to our program. We will be titling him in APA Spring 2019. Harry will be available to select outside females for 2018-2019 only



BRN 22622

Co-owned with L. Rodriques

Ceelo is a very accomplished dog whom is a half brother to Click. He earned his PSA PDC, PSA I, PSA II, and the first leg of his PSAIII. He is an athletic, intense dog with tons of drive. Ceelo is retired from breeding.

Van Leeuwen's Lion

Danko BRN13462 x Nix 22295


Van Leeuwen's Orca

 Thimo BRN 21251 x Gina 21214

Matix Von Falkenhein

Matix is our odd man out German Shepherd, he is a dog of extreme drive & focus. He is an open, stable male whom is socially neutral. To me, he is a perfectly balanced working dog

Van Leeuwen's Weebo 

BRN 32004

Weebo is own son of the great Wibo, he is a pup of strong character who will pursue a future in APA.

Future Stud Dogs

Saint's Gloyer

BRN 36157

Gloyer comes from the tried and true combo of Wibo, Tommy Luijken, and Remco Linders. He is a strong dog who has a promising future in APA.


16164 Bor x 26657 Sesto

 She is co-owned by the Kenney's, Saint Working Dogs North.