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Preserving the Past for the Future
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Our goal is simple, really, to preserve and uphold the history and standard of the old style Dutch police dog. 

Our personal journey with working dogs has brought to our attention the slipping standard of today's police dog. The industry caters to inexperienced handlers and dogs of soft character. Here at Saint Working Dogs we refuse to conform to this regression, we aim to raise the bar. Social dogs are not our first priority, dogs that will save your life or die trying is. 

We strive to produce consistent, healthy, strong, hard police and military style prospects. We want our dogs to succeed in any program they're put into.

We raise our puppies in a farm setting in Central Texas, so much pride and anticipation goes into each and  every puppy we produce. 

All of our breeding stock is health tested with radiographs available by request.  We back our puppies with a two-year guarantee on any genetic defect.

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Caldwell, Texas

Tel: 832.260.5219



Mon - Fri: 7am - 7pm

​​Saturday: 8am - 12pm

​Sunday:    Closed

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